Groundworks and landscaping by Brooklyn Construction

At Brooklyn Constructions we offer a range of groundworks and landscaping services including site preparation, foundation excavation, bricklaying, patio laying, stonework, driveways and more.

Based in Somerset and operating in Street, Wells, Glastonbury and Somerton, as well as Evercreech and Wedmore, we manage the complete works from the initial design through to the final flourishes, starting with a free no-obligation consultation. All of our contractors are qualified, experienced and hardworking and carry out their work to the highest of standards.

Site Preparation

If you are embarking on a new build or extension, Brooklyn Construction will prepare the site ready for the works. As part of the service, any remaining debris is cleared and any required demolition of brick or stonework is taken care of.

Foundation excavation

If you need land excavating safely for a build or repair, we use industry-standard tools and machinery to quickly and safely remove soil and old foundations, ready for your new foundation works.


We offer bricklaying services for both commercial and residential builds, creating sound structures with integrity. Our bricklayers are meticulous and can work flexibly to get the job done.


Brooklyn Construction provides stonework services, using beautiful stone sourced by our experts to complement any existing works and the scenery surrounding the new feature.


If you are looking for a new patio, we’ll remove the current landscape, then prepare and lay your new patio to perfection. We work with you to create a stylish solution that suits you and your home or commercial property.


We can help lay a vast range of driveways styles with a multitude of high-quality materials to suit any budget. Resurfacing your driveway can give you more space for additional cars or give you a safer and easier to maintain the solution. As well as providing an upgraded driveway, this new feature could potentially add value to your property. We can also lay new pavements and curbs where required.

Retaining walls

If you’re looking to build a retaining wall around your garden, home or commercial building, Brooklyn Constructions will work with you closely to design and build a practical and fitting wall to suit its surroundings.

As well as our specialist industry knowledge, in order to carry out groundworks to the best standard, we also make sure we keep abreast of the latest health and safety regulations. Our main priority is the integrity of our work, executing all tasks in the safest way possible. We have the most up to date safety certifications and all of our contractors are fully trained.

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